Episode 12 – The Illusions Of Life Solocast Layered Prescriptions with Dr. Kavoosi, MD

This podcast is a story. One of a close friend of mine and many of you going through a challenging life experience for which a few of us went to support him. There, in addition to the many things that arose, connection, appreciation, support, brotherhood, patience, pause were all important. What also became evident were at least 10 illusions that arose that I see in the ER, and in life, too, that everyone upholds more or less, until moments arise where the illusion dissolves. Top 10 biggest illusions.  1. Tomorrow 2. Next breath 3. Health 4. Loved ones will be there 5. Functional faculties 6. Immortal 7. Eternal Time 8. Certainty 9. Who you think you are 10. Who you think you aren’t   Bonus; That You Know Please, after listening, take some time to contemplate, digest and integrate some of what surfaces in this podcast. If it feels right, like, share, rate and subscribe. I love you, please enjoy this podcast.
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