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Do Not Go Bedside Without Your Humanity Present

October 2, 2023

In the realm of healthcare, the significance of maintaining one’s humanity while attending to patients cannot be overstated. It is often overlooked that the mere presence of a healthcare provider can profoundly impact the patient-provider interaction.

Consider the scenario where a patient is in distress, and a healthcare professional enters, conducts an examination, and departs, leaving behind a silence that begs the question: were they truly there? Did the patient perceive a human connection, or was it merely a transactional exchange of information? The absence of genuine human presence in healthcare, whether due to personal issues or professional detachment, can evoke negative emotions like resentment, frustration, and apathy in patients. While some providers may lose their humanity due to challenging life circumstances, it remains a pressing concern.

In contrast, many healthcare professionals have made it a priority to view their patients as fellow humans, transcending the labels of ‘patient’ and ‘provider.’ This approach fosters a sense of kinship, making patients feel more valued and cared for. Patients express surprise at such experiences, stating that they haven’t encountered such genuine empathy before.

This simple act of acknowledging and understanding the patient’s humanity leaves a lasting impact on their well-being. It prompts reflection on whether we are truly caring for our patients or merely fulfilling a clinical checklist.

The message is clear: healthcare providers must not forget to bring their humanity to the bedside, for it is as essential as any medical instrument, as patients deserve to feel the warmth of human connection during their most vulnerable moments. Moreover, maintaining this connection is not just beneficial for patients but also crucial for the well-being of healthcare professionals, preventing burnout and ensuring that they too receive the care and empathy they provide to others.


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