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The Interconnected Separated World

April 12, 2023

Me; you.

Us; them.

Them; other.

Here; there.

Now; not now.

Yang; yin.

Agree; disagree.

Man; woman.

These recent elections that happened in the US reiterated the system that we exist in that can divide. That can invite feels of neglect. That can make groups feel ostracized. That seeks to dismiss other.

Opposition exists in natural states. Our mind is wired for this. The challenge is when opposition leads to a separation that creates a conditional divide, one that benefits one at the expense of another, or disadvantages one or all in some way.

Why Porsche vs Tesla? Why can’t it be Porsche with Tesla? Why must there be feminism & Women Rights to REclaim equality? How many people are met by some conditioning or prejudice that makes them be seen as different? What did those people choose? To be a certain gender or race or born in a secure or challenged family, low, normal or exuberant socioeconomics or a ‘1st World’ or 3rd world country? The differentiation of self from other runs deep & it’s exacerbation is largely rooted in unawareness.

Because camaraderie exists naturally in social creatures. We are better together. We survive & coexist better. Yes, competition also naturally exists, but only when there is something that one or both parties are lead or threatened by, usually experiential life wounds being projected or survival. The result is actions, ideologies, beliefs, divide, uncertainty, concerns, distrust among one another..

Of the same species. Same organs, same body systems for life, fears & concerns for basic human needs. If any feels threatened in some way, they, again, from the same species, no different from the other, sees the other as different in some way, & acts on behalf of that. The separation reaffirms itself, or can widen, even exponentially. The reason for seeing the other as anything other than a fellow human being can get more unclear. This can extend in time, indefinitely.

How many people must bear the brunt of this, or suffer the consequences of this separation and for how much longer is acceptable for the World to exist, for us to act in a way that doesn’t give every human the permission to be their fullest human being expression in a nonmalicious  harmonious way that honours eveeyone else, too? I understand how a species who only knows divide and is constantly bombarded with reminders of it daily could ever believe any other way. But if we want to coexist in a World where all human beings are seen as an equal, a human equal, not to be mistaken with the value associated to them by their societal consumption or contribution, the bridge to interconnected non-separation starts with ourselves as the bridge that owns up.

If you’re reading this, your responsibility lies in first seeing where you create separation in this World. With yourself and within yourself. With others. With the community. With Earth.



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