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Cultivate Creativity or Kill It

October 14, 2023

How to destroy the creativity inherent in a human; overburden them. Distract them. Incentivize them elsewhere.

Yes, some birth their greatest creative works in their lives as a result of that burden, distraction or diversion, but the overwhelm that they experience during the process makes the resources necessary for that creative expression severely hindered when the opportunity does arise. 

And most never make it through with their creativity still intact. It gets left on the shelf of possibility, the drawer of ‘I’ll get to it later’, never returning to it.

How to reclaim creativity inherent in a human; cultivating time for the rebirth of it.

Setting up parameters for nothing to get in the way of that. Choose environments that nurture it. The human’s soul is allowed to come alive once again. And the interesting side effect, or byproduct of this is an inadvertent yet incredibly effective method of resolving the neurosis inherent in that creative neglect, clarity to the processing of that overburden & understanding of a deeper meaning to life.

Anyone who does not have a practice for keeping their creative juices alive is currently missing on the natural element of art that will wash into life exponentially. Vibrance inherently arises here. Complexity doesn’t carry the same weight as it is examined. There is a softening of the body and mind into the act of creation. 

Be it writing, painting, photography, dance, gardening, play, getting a group of people together, a restful evening, design. 

But also, going on journeys that challenge you, going into therapy, having difficult necessary conversations with loved ones, employers, a stranger, exercise, meditation, gratitude practices, hold and cold exposures, medicine therapy experiences, canceling work to be with your loved ones, all have a place, too.

They support creativity in the form of creating greater depth in moments. 

Choose environments that nurture the birth of creativity. Minimize and address the burdens that don’t. This can have an inadvertent effect on global challenges that are robbing the sanctity of life and the capacity for others to reach into their own creativity to release charge, nurture greater togetherness, and foster a celebration of the art that is inherent in life, itself a product of creation.

You benefit, and the world benefits.


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