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The Philosophy That Must Be Entrenched In Mental Health Startups

April 12, 2023

The Philosophy That Must Be Entrenched In Mental Health Startups

All Parts Of You

A company that is dedicated to the wellness, health healing and betterment of an individual’s mental health, went public this past week. I am honoured and grateful to be a part of that company, that team, and I especially find the company motto to be one of profound philosophical reflection.

The Company Motto is:

Solutions that empower you to take control of your mental wellness for a brighter future. Our purpose is to strengthen the relationship between nature and technology to help you restore balance in your life.

Let’s break this down to understand it better. The depth of importance cannot be understated.

‘Solutions that empower you’.

A solution, something that resolves; alleviates. Solutions of the mind and mental health are often those changes in behaviours, perspective, actions, intentions, internal understandings reactions and responses, who’s capacity already exists within you. Said another way, you are the most potent solution to your own mental health needs and mental wellness support. Solutions that are available outside yourself are powerful adjuncts, sources of support, but they are best served when they compliment your own capacity, and they create a bridge that doesn’t exhaust our own mental health further, nor only provide short term benefit that can ultimately hinder long term. Mental health benefits from the best of both. Technologies are incredible tools to support our mental health, but if they end up benefiting parts of us, while harming others, its net benefit is mitigated. We are mindful of this and we are adapting & creating alongside your biology.

‘Taking control of your mental wellness’.

An important step in ‘taking control’ of your mental health is in acknowledging, understanding and working to reclaim what is currently controlling your mental health and mental wellness. The evaluation of what both transpires & causes your mental health to feel out of control. Many external factors can have an impact on sense of self. In many cases, it’s understandable. A grievance, a separation, a failure, a famine, unpaid bills, civil, social and global atrocities, injustices lost… However, as Viktor Frankl famously said in Man’s Search For Meaning “ Everything can be taken from a [hu]man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Mental health can be a result of or a chosen response to. Think about that for a moment. Your mental health and wellness can be taken back progressively more into your control as you choose to understand it more, choose what challenges, obstacles and aspects of it help or hinder the direction you want to be directing yourself towards. With dedication and understanding, much of of the weight can be progressively alleviated, leaving you more open to even choosing how think, feel and act, all of which have a direct and indirect impact on your mental health. Since control can, itself, be a hindrance to mental health, some of the deepest levels of having with your mental health in your favour stems from relinquishing control, rather than taking it.

‘A brighter future’.

A brighter future can be seen as many things, depending on who is being asked. For us, brighter means less resistance, more on your terms, greater opportunities and abilities. In the face of challenges, greater capacity to navigate and with greater resilience. As this future arrives and becomes the present, you are more capable of being present to it. Your perception of future is not one that is dismal or avoided. You feel purposeful as you do what you are doing. You feel at relative peace and in confidence, appreciation and gratitude for who you are and who you are becoming. your mental health reflects and reiterates this.

‘Strengthen the relationship between nature and technology’.

Many of the industries in the market sell a belief that technology can outsmart nature. Very often, and unfortunately, technology is leveraged against our nature to create a belief that without it, you are missing out; short of your potential. In addition, when these technologies are utilized, in their benefit for you, can often be to the detriment of your physiology, psychology and sense of being.

The best approach now incorporates technology that harnesses, works with, and certainly doesn’t work against one’s nature. Understanding your nature allows less necessity for any other technology in the first place. We strengthen our nature and our capacity to navigate aspects of our lives through its fusion. Technology is never a replacement for your nature. As Nassim Nicholas Taleb says “Non-nature needs to prove itself against nature’. We take that further in saying that non-nature needs to demonstrate itself to not be against nature in addition to proving itself against nature when given the choice of nature vs non-nature.

“Non-nature needs to prove itself against nature’ — Nassem Nicholas Taleb

‘Help you restore balance in your life’.

Restoration represents the reclamation of aspects of your life that may have become less or no longer available. Removing barriers to mental health and wellness are often the most important approaches to that restoration of balance. Reconnection to yourself. Through the processes, invitations and the variety of approaches that are available within the team and an ever-expanding network of individuals and technologies, the support with solutions will ultimately, and inevitable empower the individual and groups to achieve what they set their hearts and minds to, and doing so while minimizing avoidance, neglect or damage to other parts of themselves or others. When you are in greater balance, in the times where you are required to lean into certain parts of yourself either by choice or circumstance, it takes less of a toll and energy to come back to your centre.

And so, the opportunity is met with the importance of responsibility that we as individuals first have to take action on ensuring our mental health and wellness is being acknowledged, understood & supported. We feel that it is non only essential, but intrinsically available to every human being. We are a part of the discussion, solutions and support for this.

The demands of society and a long history of mental health stigma, neglect or lack of acknowledgement puts this at the forefront as we continue on our rapid evolutionary path as living beings capable of thinking our life outside of the confines of what is naturally innate to us for reproduction and survival.

The complicated system outside of us in the World and within us can be more effectively navigated and harnessed, and here, at Nurosene, I’m certain we are achieving this. With you and in support of you.


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